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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Earn Bitcoin while using Google Chrome

Earn Bitcoin while using Google Chrome 

Invite active friends who will invite their friends - and start making real money! 

Earn more than 1 BTC ($8539.08 (as on October 10, 2018) Bitcoin rate)! 


At first open Google Chrome browser and Paste the link then "DOWNLOAD CRYPTOTAB BROWSER" button. Then click the Orange color button on the right side of your Cryptotab browser and then click "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "DONE"

After then click the Withdraw button on the right side and select Facebook/Google+/Twitter etc. and login with your facebook or gmail or twitter account and earn Bitcoin.

Referral earning:
You will get 10 level referral earning if you use your referral link to your friends, Relatives, Partner, Colleague and familiar persons who wish to #Earn #Bitcoin (BTC) regularly. Please see the picture for earning calculation below:


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