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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Earn Money through CPA affiliate marketing

Do you want to really make money through you website, blog, newsletter as a publisher? If so, I do suggest you to think about CPA marketing ground will be best to go ahead to build your smart career and earning potential area. Cost Per Action (CPA), also known as Pay Per Acquisition i.e. PPA is an internet advertising method to earn money by website or blog site. Some examples are as follows: downloads, email submits, PIN & SMS Mobiles, Surveys Freebies, Mobile Friendly, Android offers, iOS offers, Non-Incent offers, Signup, registration etc. are the campaigns are available at any CPA marketing network sites, i.e. AdWorkMedia is a very best CPA marketing site for beginner publishers.

Go to AdWorkMedia and then create a Publisher account. After apply they will review your application and then they send an email when approval will be completed.

Login your Publisher account and go to Campaigns --> all campaigns --> anyone from downloads, email submits, PIN & SMS Mobiles, Surveys Freebies, Mobile Friendly, Android offers, iOS offers, Non-Incent offers.

Open any campaign and copy html code if you see the Approval status is APPROVED
and then paste into your website. Otherwise if you see approval status is REQUIRED then you have to click Request Approval and give your website link and other details.

CPA marketing is a part of affiliate marketing. Amazon affiliate is an another popular affiliate marketing in the world. If you want to earn more money then you have to use affiliate code or link into your niche site e.g. specific targeted site or blog to earn more.

Happy earning from CPA marketing!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Make money through your website ads

Do you want to make money through your website ads? If so, you can make money via your website as a publisher.

You need your own website or blog site to earn money via your website or blog.

If your website have available per day 1000 visitors approximately then you can make money $10 ~ $20 per month through publisher ads.

At first click the link: Earn Money then open an Account as a Publisher. Then login your account and click "Add New Website" and fill up your website title & website link. You will be notified through email if your website is approval and then you will see your website status is Active.

After successfully add your website then click "Get Code" on the left side bar menu. Click "Get Codes" under website address and then Copy & Paste Ad Code from the box.

Now you have to input the Ad code to your website.

Enjoy earning daily through your website ads. 
Payment Method: PayPal
Minimum withdraw: $10

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