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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Top 20 Ways to Make Money with Google AdSense

How to make money through Google AdSense as a website publisher?
Do you really want to make money online through your website? If so, Google AdSense is the right choice to reach your destination as much as you want. Google Adsense will give you revenue share for your advertisement in your website as a publisher.

Firstly, your website or blog must be unique and high-quality contents. Do not do copy/paste or duplicate contents will not allow Google Adsense in your website content. Secondly, no sexual contents or copy/paste or duplicate contents will not allow by Google AdSense making money through your website ad publisher.

Top 20 ways to make money online through Google AdSense as a website publisher

1. Target keyword
Target keyword is most important to start your AdSense ad publishing business through your website or blog. Search your keyword from Google AdWords Keyword planner or others Keyword Tool.

2. Select your niche for your blog
Broad niche like Health, Insurance, Make Money Online, Sports, Technology, Product Reviews, Fashion, Cars, Celebrities, Mortgage, Blogging Tutorials, Relationship, Beauty Tips, Web Development, Social Media, FOREX Trading, SEO may not get as all are most competitive keywords on search engines and very hard to rank it. So, select long tail keywords to rank on the search engines and get the first page for your site.

3. Keyword based domain with paid hosting
Keyword based domain is also most important to get keyword based visitors to build your business. Exact Match Domain (EMD) is the keyword based powerful domain name. Example: Sonaimuri Kabirhat etc. Try to select Top Level Domain for your website or blog.

Image: google search result

4. Keyword based website
Keyword based website should reach your target visitors to gain more business from your business. Do research more before starting and select your niche site or targeted site for your website to make money online.

5. High-quality unique content
There is no alternative without High-quality unique content for your website. If you want to get more visitors from your website then you have to write High-quality unique content. It will be more valuable for your content.

6. Content must be more than 500+ words
Content must be minimum 400 to 500 words will be good for your content and it will be best 1000+ words unique contents to get Google AdSense approval.

7. Check the grammar of your content
Checks the grammar properly before published the contents on your website. Do not post any poor quality content on your website or blog site to avoid search engines down ranking and less traffic. Google Adsense prefer organic traffic i.e. search engines traffic instead of social media traffic like facebook, twitter etc.

8. No copy/paste or duplicate contents
No duplicate or copy/paste contents will not allow as per Google Adsense terms of service. Google Adsense will cancel your publisher account if they found illegal or duplicate or copy/paste contents. Duplicate or copy/paste content can negatively influence a blog site’s search engine visibility.

9. Check your content plagiarism:
Check your contents a duplicate issue. Plagiarism Checker from Small SEO Tools , Content checker  If you see 100% unique content (i.e. 0% Plagiarism) then publish your contents on your website or blog.

10. No sexual contents, illegal, harassment contents
No sexual contents, illegal, harassment contents will not allow as it not support by Google Adsense policies.

11. Use SEO friendly WordPress theme
You can use WordPress theme as it is SEO friendly for making website/blog. Use search engines friendly WordPress search plugins to increase your website or blog traffic. But you can use any other content management system (CMS) like Joomla or dynamic site to making your website or blog. But it is not required by Google Adsense.

12. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is the heart of the visible to increase your traffic. Search engine optimization is a method of techniques to increase the traffic from search engine including Google, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and other search engines and also top 10 of the search result first page. The more you will do SEO, the more you will get traffic from search engines. There is no alternative to getting more traffic from search engines to your website or blog site without Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Do on-page SEO properly on your website or blog, though quality unique content will help you automatically. Do Meta keyword, Meta description, Meta title etc. as per your contents. Do off-page SEO and try to get quality backlinks from targeted high PageRank (PR) i.e. PR5, PR6, PR7, PR8, PR9 sites with do-follow backlinks to .edu .gov and others. Ignore the no-follow backlinks as its will not fruitful for your blog. Post your link on social media marketing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. with social bookmarking, forum posting, and blog commenting and directory submission. Don't do spamming or black-hat SEO never for your blog.

Image: google search engine

13. Domain Age
Domain age around 2 months will be best to get Google Adsense approval to publish the ads on your website or blog.

14. Content Language
Content must be written in English to make money with Google Adsense.

15. Create useful page
Create Contact page, About Us, Privacy Policy, DMCA policy page for your update status of your website or blog.

16. Google Adsense Approval
To get the Google Adsense approval, you have to post 50+ quality unique content with 500+ words each content and domain age around 2 months. Traffic is not big deal for Adsense approval. But if you want to get more traffic and make more money then you have to do SEO properly. Remember that more traffic will gain more money and zero traffic you will get makes money nothing. So, traffic is king to make money online through your website as a publisher.Apply for the Google Adsense to get approval using your email, payee name, and website or blog site name, full mailing address with Payee name is very important to get the payment from Google Adsense. 

17. Read the details regarding Adsense policies, revenue share, approval and others publisher corner
Read clearly AdSense program policies, AdSense for content, AdSense revenue share, How to get Google Adsense Approval with a new website or Blog site from search engines? Google AdSense Review for Publishers and other carefully.

Image: Alexa Rank

18. Do Check List before applying for Google Adsense
High-quality unique content, Target keyword, Keyword based domain with paid hosting, Keyword based website, Content must be more than 500+ words with 50+ unique contents, No copy/paste or duplicate contents, No sexual contents, illegal, harassment contents, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Create Contact page, About Us, Privacy Policy, DMCA policy page and Domain Age. Check your site’s Alexa ranking , PageRank and also check your content properly i.e. Plagiarism to get approval from Google Adsense.

19. Put the Adsense ad code to your website or blog
After applying for Google Adsense, they will review your application within 2~5 business days and get approval from Google Adsense if everything ok. Then sign in your Google Adsense account and copy the ad code and paste it into your website or blog. Payment method: Cheque, Bank transfer, and minimum payout $100.

20. Conclusion
Do all steps and apply to get the approval and make money online from your website as a blog or website ad publisher. This is not only Top 20 Ways to Make Money with Google Adsense but also its complete solution for making money online through website monetization.

Happy earning from Google Adsense as a website publisher.


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